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SPOC on line on OASIS3-MCT from March 21s to April 6th 2022

15 February 2022

Please note that a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on Code Coupling with OASIS3-MCT is planned (on-line) from March 21s to April 6th 2022. Registrations will be officially close on March 7th (and you need to have preinstalled OASIS3-MCT on your platform before registering but, of course, we can help you with that!). All details can be found on the following web page . Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions and to forward this announcement to anyone who could be interested!Read more

OASIS3-MCT_5.0 official release December 2021

15 December 2021

The last version of the coupler, OASIS3-MCT_5.0, is now available ! To get it, please follow instructions at OASIS3- MCT_5.0 comes with the following novelties: Python, C and C++ bindings A new load balancing analysis tool An environment to use either SCRIP, ESMF or XIOS to generate regridding weights and to analyse the quality of the regridding A new locally conservative remapping, to be used in particular for runoffs Extension of BLASNEW operation to support combination of coupling fields Improved and additional diagnostics in CHECKIN and CHECKOUT SCRIPR/CONSERV option for normalisation by the true area of the grid cells New options for global CONSERV Extension of oasis_get_intracomm to support multiple components Communication/exchange of simple scalars Update examples in oasis3-mct/examples directory Update to MCT 2.11 Update of compiling environment Migration from SVN to GIT for source management Migration of the OASIS3-MCT web site to Cerfacs, see the new site at Inclusion of the number of neighbours used in the remapping file name For SCRIPR/CONSERV, specification through the namcouple of North thresh and South thresh values, above which a Lambert projection is activated New NetCDF file format setting through the namcouple Overload oasis_def_var interface to support excluding the argument id_var_shape from the argument list Systematic tests of NetCDF returned error code Update oasis_abort to also write to unit 0 (stderr)- Different bugfixes Have fun with this new version of OASIS3-MCT and let us know about your difficulties (if any) and successes ! The OASIS3-MCT development teamRead more

SPOC on line on OASIS3-MCT, April 29 – May 12 2021

3 April 2021

A new Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on OASIS3-MCT is planned from April 29 - May 12 2021. Information about next SPOC session is available here. To register please fill the following form.  Read more

OASIS3-MCT now has new python, C and C++ interfaces.

3 March 2021

This development was funded through IS-ENES3. We are looking for beta testers!Read more

OASIS3-MCT_4.0 official release July 03 2018

3 July 2018

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