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OASIS4 coupled models

Bureau of Meteorology (Melbourne, Australia):

  • 2D coupling between MOM4p1 and UN6.4 (limited area model set up for tropical cyclone Ului)
  • 24 cores for MOM4p1 (resolution of 0.1 degrees horizontal), 160 cores for UM6.4 (0.11 degrees horizontal), 16 cores for OASIS4
  • field exchange between each model at every time step
  • Platform: SUN constellation with 576 nodes, each with 2 quad-core Intel 64-bit Xeon Nehalem procesors, total: 4808 CPU cores (more details).

Alfred Wegener Institute, (Bremerhaven, Germany):

  • 2D ocean-atmosphere between FESOM and ECHAM5 (for now a regular grid is used in FESOM and the interpolation from the regular to the finite-element grid is done in FESOM, OASIS4 is used for the parallel repartitioning only)
  • ECHAM5.4 runs on 6 PEs and the partitioning is 6 stripes of 60 deg.width and 180 deg length. FESOM runs on 8 PEs and the partitioning of FESOM is in 8 stripes of 22.5 deg length and 360 deg. width.
  • OASIS4 runs on 2 PEs and performs the redistribution of data.

GEMS community (ECMWF, Meteo-France, and KNMI):

  • 3D coupling between atmospheric dynamic (IFS) and atmospheric chemistry models (no vertical interpolation needed as the vertical levels of the source and target component match).
  • Coupling fields on Gaussian Reduced, Gaussian, and non-geographical grids
  • Global search needed


  • Ocean-atmosphere 2D regional coupling (RCO-RCA)
  • Data exchange occur through root process (no global search for now).
  • Domains are centered at the pole; RCA domain is larger than RCO; climatology is used to fill the difference.
  • Quasi-production runs (used for atmosphere parameter tests).


SPOC on line on OASIS3-MCT from March 21s to April 6th 2022

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OASIS3-MCT_5.0 official release December 2021

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SPOC on line on OASIS3-MCT, April 29 – May 12 2021

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