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Actual Dedicated User Support within IS-ENES3 and ESiWACE 2

It is possible to benefit from personal technical help to implement new coupled models or improve existing configurations based on the OASIS3-MCT coupler.

Within H2020 IS-ENES3 project and ESiWACE2 Centre of Excellence, specific funding is dedicated to this type of support. In 2022, IS-ENES3 will offer 1 person-month to 3 groups (ie. 3 person-months in total);this support targets improvement of current climate models to better understand climate variability and change through technical excellence. ESiWACE2, which primary objective is to improve performance and portability of high-resolution codes in order to run them efficiently on pre-exascale platforms, will offer 2 person-months of dedicated support to one group. The groups interested in getting some dedicated support should visit the IS-ENES3 page or the ESiWACE2 page announcing the respective calls which will most probably be launched in September 2021.


SPOC on line on OASIS3-MCT from March 21s to April 6th 2022

Please note that a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on Code Coupling with OASIS3-MCT is planned (on-line) from March 21s to ...

OASIS3-MCT_5.0 official release December 2021

The last version of the coupler, OASIS3-MCT_5.0, is now available ! To get it, please follow instructions at OASIS3- MCT_5.0 comes...

SPOC on line on OASIS3-MCT, April 29 – May 12 2021

A new Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on OASIS3-MCT is planned from April 29 - May 12 2021. Information about next...

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